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The objective of the association is to promote and benefit the inhabitants of Greater Manchester and the neighbouring areas whether members of the association or otherwise and in particular those of the Bengali Hindu origin regardless of sex, political, religious or other opinions by:

Advancing education which promotes good citizenship and good relations between people in multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-faith society.

Associating and cooperating with local authorities, voluntary organisations and community groups or individuals with the common aim of advancing such education and in the provision of facilities concerning social welfare, recreation and leisure with the object of improving the quality of life for the individuals.

Establishing or securing the establishments of a community centre and managing or cooperating with any statutory authority in the maintenance and management of such a centre for activities promoted by the association in furtherance of the above objects.

The association does not have permanent place of its own. So they have performed their pujas and functions at a variety of venues since 1993 including Gita Bhavan, Ducie High School, Gandhi Hall, St. Paul's Church, Jain Samaj Community Centre and West Indian Community Centre. In spite of the various venues, each and every event has been extremely successful, due the hard work and enthusiasm of its members. The association negotiated with the Gandhi Hall Management Committee to establish a permanent venue for their annual celebrations and the Gandhi Hall Management Committee has shown great consideration and cooperation to allow them to perform their yearly pujas and functions.

Lots of effort, goodwill and support, particularly financial support are required to achieve and maintain the Association's objectives and activities. We count on our members' continuing support to steer the association from strenght to strength.

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